President Obama has brought forward the idea of Fairness. Being fair to all, giving all a fair shot, playing fair, fighting fair – but what is fairness? How is is applied across such a wide spectrum of people and business. What makes it meaningful and what will make it work?

FAIR to me means: For All Individuals Respect. Giving Respect to another at work, on the street, or at home. Respecting the individual and his right to different views, respecting the dignity of the ‘humanness’ of us all.  It is easy to see what is Fair, just ask: “Does this respect All Individuals?  As the administration moves forward and proposes what it considers Fair policies, and as all other parties ring in with their independent views, let us ask: does this respect the individual? When we interact, communicate or have dealings with another, are we showing respect? Is this Fair?

Nick Bassill, Founder, Launch America