We believe that when entrepreneurs, investors and all interested parties become involved by supporting Legislation to enact the Launch America Initiative tax credit, that a bi-partisan bill to benefit all Americans will be passed. America’s Entrepreneurs and all Americans will have the opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

The Launch America website is set up for:

  • Assisting men and women to form their team, write their plans and get access to the funding for their startup
  • The exchange of ideas among entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, educators and politicians
  • To discuss and answer member’s questions
  • Education classes and forums for the business founders and mentors
  • Talk shows discussing import areas of interest to the founders, investors and mentors
  • Presentation of business plans in a competition for members to vote on with the winners getting prizes
  • Providing tools and resources for entrepreneurs, mentors and investors
  • Fund raising and selecting Sponsors that will endorse and support the Launch America Initiative for education and legislation to assist all startups get funding and successfully build their business.

Next Steps:  Making the LAUNCH AMERICA a reality.

Be of Service – The things you can do to be involved.

Please participate with  Launch America Initiative in any of the following ways:

  1. Join  Launch America as an individual looking to start a new business venture, as a mentor, an investor, a business owner, service provider, educator or any others interested in startups.
  2. Ask technical or business questions and get answers from members.
  3. Post your questions and make your comments on our website.
  4. Write an article about startups, getting funding mentoring and what it takes to be an entrepreneur and or any other subject of interest to entrepreneurs.
  5. Make a donation to Launch America to help further its goal of creating legislation to assist entrepreneurs get funding and the assistance they need to be successful.
  6. Write to your representative in the U.S. Congress, the Senate and your state legislature requesting the approval of the Launch America Initiatives for tax credits and clear exemptions to the Security and Exchange rules for investors in startups.
  7. Send your personal endorsement and recommendation of the Launch America Initiative, the website and blog to friends and family on your email or mailing list. Together we can create the tax credits and support needed to help startups get funded, grow and be successful.

Send Endorsement of Launch America to your friends and business associates.

“I have signed up for this new site promoting innovation and funding of startups through a major tax credit for investors fund startups, up to 80%.  With the economy facing challenges, this is a creative way to put people back to work in startups and give all men and women a chance to take control their own lives.”

Working together we can create the voice that will be heard throughout the country and champion the legislation which will assist all Americans and revitalize the economy and America.

We look forward to participating with you in this quest to bring forward American prosperity and a revival of the American Dream.