Launch America is a grass roots movement to revive the American Dream, and to create employment and economic growth through the formation of hundreds of thousands of business startups with private funding and mentoring.

LaunchAmerica has been established to assist men and women in forming and funding their startups. Specifically the Launch America Initiative will:

  • Assist men and women to form their startup teams, prepare their business plans and match up with investors
  • Provide information for startup companies, provide mentoring and coaching skills, education, a forum to ask and answer questions and act as a clearinghouse of information and resources for the Launch America¬†Initiative
  • Provide funding to entrepreneurs through prizes, grants and introductions to investors to assist them in launching their startup
  • Promote awareness to the American public of the importance of educating and helping entrepreneurs build businesses for the future of America
  • Promote the enactment of legislation for investor tax credits for business startups

The foundation of the Launch America Initiative is people helping people, being of service and mentoring and coaching the new business startups.