It is easy to get excited, nervous and then frustrated when making your pitch.  You prepare, meet an interesting prospect, give your pitch and no one seems interested.  Worse, they may say they are just not interested or give you some other negative feedback.

Take that information and use it as feedback. What can you learn from their comments? Can you change your service, product or marketing strategy to be more effective? The more you get out and talk to potential clients, customers and investors, the better your concept and business will become. As an entrepreneur, this is your journey.  So take each step with enthusiasm, be inspired, talk to yourself in the mirror and say each time, “I am a winner! I am successful in all I do! I am going to make this happen! Today is another day to present the great service I am offering!” Give it your all each time you make a pitch or presentation, and then release any energy on that pitch. High Involvement – Low Attachment. And remember – Ask Spririt – This or something better for the highest good of all concerned.

You never know what’s just around the corner and what that next pitch will bring. Spirit may have a much greater opportunity planned for you! So keep smiling, stay positive, and enjoy the journey and each Pitch!