Launch America provides entrepreneurs, service providers and small businesses the tools, materials and services they need to be successful. Our members are invited to submit their services and products for sale to other members of the Launch America SHOP.  The objective is to assist each other by purchasing from other members when possible.

Launch America is looking for great ideas, books, white papers, spreadsheets and other apps for building a successful business.  If you have a great idea for a sales promotion, an innovative way to forecast sales, or a unique strategy for gaining more customers, we’d love to hear from you.

Send us an email with your app or product that you wish to sell or offer for free.

  • Launch America takes a 10% processing fee on orders sold which is used to provide services to our members and prizes for the business plan contests.
  • We will remit the balance to you.
  • For more information see our Tools and Resources Submission Guidelines.

For articles and applications that you wish to make available for Free, please specify that they are to posted in the Free Downloads section.

To get further information regarding the Tools and Resources section, please send us your questions or comments in the form below.