We believe that each business working mentors will have a greater chance of success than the founder working on his own. The collective knowledge of a team is better than one. 

One of the fundamental principals of Launch America is the creation of a new paradigm, anew way of helping each other and benefiting each other and the community.

MENTORING TEAMS. The objective of Launch America is to establish teams with mentors and service providers for each new business startup.  Mentors will increase the perspective of the business team, negating short-sighted thinking or decisions and thereby increasing the potential for long term success.  Mentors may be, but are not required to be, experts in any one field.  Mentors with Launch America are advisors, coaches, sounding boards, and service providers that make up a mastermind group composed of men and women who have gained valuable experience from their education, careers, work experience and managing their finances.

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