For all materials submitted for online distribution on the Launch America ecommerce site, the owner needs to complete the Sales Agreement attached below and return it to Launch America.

For all sales of applications and resources on the Launch America Tools and Resources site all  material will be posted on the site at the discretion of Launch America and are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Owner reserves the right to set the sale price of the materials submitted.
  2. Materials to be sold on the Tools and Resources section must be in a form that can be downloaded electronically, or that will be automatically fulfilled by a third party.
  3. How to submit a tool or resource – ……  Lists the requirements for uploading a file or video or other application or resource.
  4. How to set your pricing for your application or resource….
  5. Discounts taken by Launch America …….
  6. Launch America will take a 10% fee for all sales of product on the site.
  7. The net proceeds due to the Owner of the Product will be paid to the owner each quarter
  8. Payments made to members submitting tools or resources … lists when and how payments are made.