The members will vote on the Executive Summaries and the Top 20 proposals will be asked to submit their business plans.  The members will then vote for the best proposal.  The top three proposals will all receive cash and service prizes, based on the size of the funding pool available.

To submit your Executive summary and a 3 minute video for the business plan competition send us the following information.  You may also post your executive business summary on your Team and Startup page for members to view.  You can mark it private,  view by invitation only or mark it public where it is open to all members to view.

1.  Name of your Startup

2.  Name of the Founders

3. Incorporated, yes or no.

4.  Area of startup

5.  Attach Executive Summary

6.  Attach Video

7.  Agree to the terms and conditions attached.  Rules, confidentiality.

8.  There is a fee of $100.00 for each submission.  Please click on the attached link to make your payment with your application.

9.  Prizes will be awarded within 10 days of the announcement of the winners.